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25 maart 2020

Sixty seconds on … anosmia - BMJ (news)

Bron: 24-03-2020; https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m1202
By: Gareth Locabucci


  • Fever and cough are most common symptoms of covid19. However; anosmia and ageusia have been mentioned reportedly
  • Previous coronaviridiae are thought to account for 15% of anosmia cases
  • In South-Korea, up to 30% of positively tested patients suffered from anosmia as their major/only symptom
  • Evidence based connection between covid19 and anosmia is yet to be established but UK experts think patients with anosmia as sole symptom should be isolated for 7 days. This might lead to reduce the number of “asymptomatic” spreading vectors.