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25 maart 2020

Managing COVID-19 in Surgical Systems - Ann Surg, in press

Bron: https://journals.lww.com/annalsofsurgery/Documents/Managing%20COVID%20in%20Surgical%20Systems%20v2.pdf
By: Bridle and Gawande, Boston USA

Learn from lessons of others around the world


  1. Prepare for a rapid evolving situation
  2. Postpone all elective surgery immediately, before it seems necessary
  3. Make a clear plan for essential operations
  4. Educate all surgical staff on personal protective equipment
  5. Decrease exposure of health care staff: As COVID-19 becomes further established in our communities, asymptomatic patients who are carriers will increasingly enter the health care system for unrelated ailments and pose a risk for transmission. Keeping surgical staff out of hospital and self-isolating at home when they are not needed is a key measure to preserving our human resources.
  6. Develop a dedicated COVID19 operating space: Designate a specific operating theater for all COVID-19 cases. This room should be out of high-traffic areas and be completely emptied of all non-essential materials. No unnecessary items should be brought into the operating theater, this includes personal items such as pagers or cell phones and pens. A runner should be dedicated to the Operating theater to provide all materials needed
  7. The changing landscape of the pandemic may require patient transfers and repurposing operating theaters to support critical care patients.