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08 april 2020

Chinese Dutch Italian webinar on (Colorectal) Surgery during the pandemia of COVID-19

We invite you to participate in the Chinese Dutch Italian webinar on Surgery during the pandemia of COVID-19. The webinar is jointly hosted by the Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgery and the Dutch Society of Surgery.

Date: April 8th
Time: 13.00 – 15.00 (Dutch time) 19.00 – 21.00 (Beijing Time)

Chairs and co-chairs
Jaap Bonjer, Antonino Spinelli, Zhongtao Zhang and MinhuaZheng

Program (April 8th)

Opening and Introduction of the subjects
Jaap Bonjer & Zhongtao Zhang

Part I: Presentation                       

Screening of surgical patients for COVID (15 min)                                               

Dr. Roel Bakx (The Netherlands)

Preoperative Screening and preparation for COVID (15 min)

Dr. Hongwei Yao (China) 

Colorectal surgery in COVID (+) patients   (15 min)

Dr. Antonino Spinelli (Italy)  

National network for GI surgery during COVID pandemia (15 min)

Dr. Peter van Duijvendijk (The Netherlands)

How to protect the surgical staff in Wuhan?  

Dr. JInbo Gao (China)

Part II: Panel Discussion - moderated by Jingjing He

  • What should the colorectal surgeons do for the cancer patients during the pandemic?
  • How to deal with the dilemma of whether or not to perform the laparoscopic colorectal surgery?
  • Precautions of return to surgery after the pandemia of COVID-19?

Final Statements
Antonino Spinelli & Minhua Zheng

Watch the webinar on 8th April 1 pm via: http://mudu.tv/watch/5479359