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06 juni 2024

ESSO Course on Fluorescence-Guided Surgery

Aim of the course
In this course participants will obtain a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and state-of-the-art applications of fluorescence imaging of tumors (primary, metastases, lymph nodes), sentinel lymph nodes and lymphatics, vital structures (bile ducts, ureters, nerves) and perfusion assessment of organs and tissues.

Besides ‘traditional’ fluorescent dyes, participants will discover and work with novel antibody-/peptide-/nanobody-based targeted fluorescence-guided surgical navigation and will experience the possibilities and limitations of this intra-operative technique also in relation to open, laparoscopic and robotic approaches.

Educational methods

  • Hands-on session testing different fluorophores and fluorescence contrast agents and their behaviour in different situations with various commercially available and experimental imaging systems.
  • Plenary lectures

Ideal participants

  • Oncologic surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, thoracic surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, gastro-intestinal surgeons and vascular surgeons, researchers in the field of image-guided-surgery, and those who are in training for these medical specialties with an interest in the fundamentals and applications of fluorescence-guided surgery.

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